What we do…

We invest in residential property where there is a clear market demand, social developments designed to benefit the whole community and commercial properties where we can add value through refurbishment or change of usage.

We also provide a unique “lifeline” service, designed to maintain the value in a property, for homeowners facing difficulties selling their homes due to adverse situations such as subsidence, probate, divorce, mortgage arrears and the threat of repossession. Click here for details.

We operate mainly in Essex and provide opportunities for investors with £25,000 or more, to invest in property. We prefer to invest jointly with our investors because it means we share the risk, we share the profits and we treat the money like it’s our own. There is no better safeguard for your investment, or our own.

Chignal Building carries out new build/refurbishments for private clients to a high standard and client specifications. We work with the individual client to bring the original goal through to reality.

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